1 Purpose

VIEWMOL is a graphical front end for computational chemistry programs. It is able to graphically aid in the generation of molecular structures for computations and to visualize their results. The program's capabilities include: VIEWMOL includes a Python interpreter for automation.

At present VIEWMOL includes input filters for DISCOVER, DMOL3, GAMESS, GAUSSIAN 9X, GULP, MOPAC, PQS, and TURBOMOLE outputs as well as for PDB files (VIEWMOL is therefore suited as a viewer for structural data on the World Wide Web). Structures can be saved as Accelrys' car-files, MDL files, and TURBOMOLE coordinate files. VIEWMOL can generate input files for GAUSSIAN 9X. VIEWMOL's file format has been added to OPENBABEL so that OPENBABEL can serve as an input as well as an output filter for coordinates.

VIEWMOL supports a space ball as input device.

Jörg-Rüdiger Hill Fri Oct 31 14:19:21 CET 2003