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The Viewmol distribution includes a number of examples which can be used to test the various input formats supported by Viewmol. But Viewmol can also be used as an external viewer for a web browser (to look at files in chemical MIME formats). This page allows you to test the installation of Viewmol with respect to this feature. Put the following lines in your $HOME/.mailcap file:

chemical/x-pdb;          <your path to viewmol>/viewmol -pdb %s
chemical/x-gaussian-log; <your path to viewmol>/viewmol -gauss %s
where you replace
<your path to viewmol>
with the path name to Viewmol.

Create (or modify) your extension map. An extension map is stored by default in $HOME/.mime.types. Put the following lines into this file:

chemical/x-pdb                 pdb
chemical/x-gaussian-log        log

Set the environment variable VIEWMOLPATH to your path to Viewmol (if you start your web browser through X windows menus, make sure that this variable is really set) and restart your web browser.

Here are some examples you can try then: