8 The color editor

All menus contain items for changing colors. Selecting one of these items displays the color editor (cf. Figure). In the first row of the color editor dialog box are a number of different colored boxes. You can select one of these colors just by clicking in the corresponding box with the left mouse button. The color you want to change in the picture changes, too, but this is not a permanent change until you click the OK button.

Figure 14: The color editor

If none of the colors in the boxes satisfies your needs you can set up your own color by moving one of the sliders for red, green, or blue with the left mouse button. The color in the picture you want to change shows the currently selected color and by clicking the OK button you change your color permanently.

If the color editor has been brought up to edit the background color of the main window three buttons labeled Smooth are present. Activating any of these buttons will create a color ramp for the corresponding color and mix it with the other RGB components. The slider for this color then has no effect. That way interesting shading effects in the background can be generated.

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